User Manual: How to Keep Relax Bears Relaxed!

These bears are not your average bears; they are exceptionally strong bears. Playing with strong bears requires training; otherwise, they might nip at your rear end. Each of these bears contains 30 mg of pure cannabis flower distillate, carefully extracted and concentrated. This provides a very pure high and a positive experience.


If you've never used cannabis before, not even once, a half bear (15mg) is sufficient for you to feel the effects. This half bear will start working within 45 minutes to an hour. The onset of the effects can be significantly delayed if you've just had a heavy or greasy meal, so it's recommended to have a light meal for a clear experience. We strongly advise against consuming the bears when alcohol is involved. However, if someone insists on proving their courage, we recommend following the mentioned dose and timing and avoiding overconsumption, which could lead to nausea or vomiting, potentially resulting in a negative experience.


Experienced cannabis users can handle more bears, but caution is still necessary. The type of cannabis consumed matters, such as Amnesia Haze, Hash Maroc, or Pollem.

  • A monthly user only needs one bear (1x30=30mg in total).
  • A weekly user can handle 2/3 bears (2x30=60mg/3x30=90mg in total).
  • Daily users of strains like Kush, isolator, shatter, and moonrocks can handle more than 5 bears.


Don't panic if you've taken too much. There's nothing to worry about, just a period of waiting, typically lasting 4 to 5 hours, until you feel like yourself again. To reduce the effects, consume sugary items (as low blood sugar is a factor), such as fruit juice, sweetened lemonade, candies, or 1000mg vitamin C tablets. Find a comfortable place to lie or sit down; it will help ease your experience.

Enjoy your relaxation, pleasant conversations, and beautiful insights with the Bear King and his subjects from RELAXBEARS.

P.S. Keep the bears away from children and pets, and store them safely. Do not operate any vehicles while under the influence of the bears.